When thinking about the view of the New Jersey Shore from Hillside NJ, it’s easy to envision a peaceful retreat with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. In fact, you’ll find that there are a number of properties available for sale in this community which feature both views of the ocean and great suburban amenities. It’s easy to forget that this area is also home to some of the most highly educated people in the country. This makes Hillside a great place to live for anyone looking to find not only a relaxing place to call home, but also a place where education and research can take place.

The demographics of the Hillside community aren’t all that different than the national average. With a high percentage of children of college age, you’ll find families of all sizes living in this area. There are also plenty of retirees who find that this area offers a great way to slow down their pace. Whether you are just looking to enjoy the quiet of the evening or looking for a way to make a little money, there are plenty of real estate options available in Hillside.

Even if you aren’t seeking something luxurious, you will find that there are plenty of affordable residential properties available. You may want to look in some of the more upscale communities such as Bergen, Highland Lakes, Oradee, etc. However, if you are looking for something a bit less expensive, you will find that there are many second homes in Hillside available for you to purchase. Real estate investments will allow you to take advantage of the current economy while simultaneously offering you a valuable investment opportunity.

Those who aren’t in the know about the real estate possibilities in Hillside might think that this area is solely known for its pristine beaches and wonderful views. While these things are certainly true, there are also plenty of other activities to be found in this beautiful community. There are several clubs, organizations, sporting events, and public pools to enjoy as well. For those who enjoy taking long walks along the beach or taking in a tennis or basketball game, there are many of these activities to choose from as well.

If you prefer to stay in the warmth of the day, there are plenty of lovely community parks to visit. Hillside is home to many fine restaurants, shops, art galleries, art museums, and even a small theater. If you are interested in real estate in this area, now is a great time to invest.

As previously mentioned, there are several schools in Hillside to choose from. Bergen Technical & Community College, St. Thomas Aquinas, and North Wildwood Academy are only a few of the schools in the area. These schools are perfect for those who are looking for rewarding careers in the fields of teaching, medicine, or nursing. The real estate here is fantastic, as it is a thriving community in need of more residents. With the cost of living in the area constantly rising, this is a great investment.

When living in Hillside, there is so much to do. You will find a variety of great sporting and leisure activities, as well as, great night life. Many of the communities have plenty of shops and restaurants, and numerous craft galleries. There are also numerous real estate opportunities to be found, making Hillside a desirable place to live.

With all of these wonderful benefits, it is easy to see why investing in real estate in Hillside can be such a smart choice. Many people own homes here because they enjoy the area and want to see everything that it has to offer. Now is the perfect time to consider investing in a home in one of these communities.