The town of Carteret New Jersey is located on the shores of Lake George and is about half an hour drive from NYC. What makes this small town so special is that it offers a lot to do, all year round. You can enjoy fishing, hiking, taking boating tours, and sailing. The seacoast is filled with great vacation spots for the whole family. There are plenty of local attractions too.

If you’re looking for great fishing, Carteret has plenty of that too! The northern part of the lake has over 100 public and private fishing piers that will help you find some fine catches. There are over twenty chartering companies in the area and most of them will have guides with you so you can learn to fish for your favorite catch.

If you want to spend your days at the beach, Carteret has plenty of local activities too. They have two beaches: The Carteret Beach State Park and Southwick Beach. Both offer miles of shoreline and water fun for families. You can rent a lifeguard station, go on a nature trail, or just play in the sand for hours. No matter what your idea of a vacation is, Carteret has it.

Carteret’s history dates back to the Revolutionary War. While on leave from World War Two, the fort was taken over by the British. Many of the Civil War battles were fought right here including the famed Fort Lee.

Southwick Beach is considered to be the more popular of the two beaches. It’s located just minutes from Carteret. This beach offers two great public access points: The Carteret Greenhouse and the Carteret Island Lighthouse. All of these locations are only minutes from Carteret.

Fishing is probably the greatest event that attracts tourists to Carteret. Over nine million visitors come to the coast every year. If you are looking for the perfect day of relaxation or an activity filled weekend, New Jersey is the perfect location. Carteret is located right off the Garden State Park so if you love the beach and you love fishing, Carteret will meet your needs perfectly.

Carteret is also known as the town of “The Little Garden”. The Garden State Park is located right in the middle of town. During your stay in town, you can visit The Garden State Park and The Carteret Museum. The museum features dinosaur exhibits, flower displays, wood carving, pottery, historic paintings, and jewelry. There is also a state park with a golf course right on site.

As you can see, Carteret is a small town with plenty to offer. With two major rivers running through it, you can enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, boating, sailing, hiking, cycling, nature trails, or just taking a walk. You can do all of these things right on your own beach at Carteret. There are lots of beach houses and vacation rentals right in town, making it easy to find a place to stay that fits your vacation needs.

Another wonderful thing about Carteret is its proximity to New York City. The closest airport is in Newark, NJ and is less than an hour drive away. Being a few hours drive away really gives you plenty of opportunity to explore New York City and get a feel for the culture and night life. You can also spend a few nights in a hotel nearby. If you are staying in a hotel, there are also many restaurants and fine dining locations that are located right next to the beach.

When you are looking for real estate property in Carteret, New Jersey, you really have to take your time and research each of the individual properties. Each one must be checked out before you even consider making an offer. Since the property values and rates in New Jersey are very high, it is best to check out several properties before making any decisions. The more you can find out about the property, the easier it will be to make an offer when you purchase a home in Carteret.

It will also be important to look at the beach itself. This area has access to some very nice public beach access that is not available in some of the surrounding communities. There is also a private beach that is used by local families. This will definitely be a great addition to any real estate search.

Carteret is a town with a lot to offer residents. The location of the beach and the nearby communities makes this a very desirable place to live. Once you have found the perfect real estate property in Carteret, New Jersey, you will be able to enjoy all that New Jersey has to offer by living in the beachfront houses and apartments.