The Hillside of New Jersey is a quaint community in the northeast part of Monmouth County. It is located on the beautiful Delaware River and south of Lake Monmouth. The community consists of about sixty-five communities and is one of the most well-known in the state. There are many famous people that live in the hills, including Senator John McCain and his wife Ann.

The McCain’s had three home styles during their residence in Hillside. They lived in a colonial style with white picket fences and large, intricately carved out front porches. In the early 1960’s the home moved to a newer style with two-car garage and a raised ranch style roof.

John McCain was elected to the U.S. Senate in January of 1998. He represents Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives. Before he ran for office, McCain served as a State Trooper and sheriff’s deputy. This served him well as he earned a reputation as being a strong conservative voice in the Senate. It was this reputation, as well as his military experience and leadership skills, that brought him to the attention of the Obama administration.

Ann McCain is a fifth grade teacher from Hillside, New Jersey. She has also written books on her life and has traveled the world. In recent years she has become active in volunteer work and philanthropy. In 2021, she was given a Purple Heart medal.

Her husband, former President George W. Bush, served as a state representative from Arizona when John McCain was elected. Her son, George Jr., is also an entrepreneur. Her daughter, Lori McCain is an editor and writer. Both have contributed articles to numerous national publications.

In Hillside, you will find several notable homes and landmarks. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library contains a one hundred and one-story schoolhouse. The Delmarva Yacht Club and Marina is a five-thousand-square-foot yacht club with a black and white marina. The country estate at Parsley Estate is a one-bedroom residence on three acres that is listed for sale. There are also homes and properties at Cherry Grove, Tannersville and East Orange Hill.

You will find that the housing prices are reasonable and that you can easily find a home to suit your needs. In fact, many residents choose to remain in their homes. Several families have children living in one house and two or more live in rental units. The real estate values in Hillside are increasing.

When you consider the location, the closeness to New York City and other media markets, as well as your proximity to friends and family, Hillside is the perfect place to look for real estate investment. The area has many options, including both luxury homes and affordable apartments. You can live in one of the town homes or a small condo. There is no shortage of restaurants or other amenities. With a large number of people moving to Hillside, the real estate prices are going up. You should buy now while the prices are low.

The average real estate price in Hillside is close to New York City and is on the rise. There is much to do when you live here, as you would in any other area of New Jersey. There are activities and clubs in all parts of the community. There is even a professional baseball team that plays at a stadium that is owned by the town. You can enjoy everything in this community, including movies, concerts, restaurants and a high school.

There are many real estate agents who are willing to show you properties, or look at them themselves. It would be to your advantage to pay them a visit, talk with them about the area and show them photos you have taken. You can enjoy a relaxing afternoon and get to know someone new.

Enjoying the New Jersey side of the Garden State can be done from the beach, hiking, cycling or golfing. There are also horseback riding trails and nature walks available to you. A number of restaurants and diners offer outdoor dining. There are also parks and swimming pools to enjoy. The real estate in Hillside NJ is affordable, and the real estate market is expected to continue to grow.

Hillside NJ is a great place for a family vacation. You can rent a home, or a condo. You can find rentals that suit all your needs, with or without pets. The community is close to New York City and Atlantic City, so you can enjoy all the benefits of being near these other popular destinations.