The town of Carteret New Jersey is located in the scenic Monmouth county. When you go there for a weekend of fun and enjoyment, you will discover that the town has lots to offer. It does not matter what time of year you visit Carteret. This part of New Jersey is known as a top destination for summer vacations, because of its warm climate. You will find that during the peak summer months, Carteret’s tourist population increases.

Carteret is located along the coast of Cape May, a member of the State of New Jersey. The closest major city is Hobbs Ferry, which is about a three hour drive away. If you are looking for things to do on the beach during your visit, Carteret is a great place to start. You will find that there is a wide variety of things to do at the beach.

You can enjoy swimming during the summer months. There is a lifeguard on duty at all times, but it is recommended that you book ahead. There is an inside pool that has slides and other things to get wet with. However, it is not meant for little children. There are other areas that are safe for small children to swim.

When you visit the beach, you will find that it is filled with families enjoying themselves. This makes it an even better place to spend your day. Carteret is known as a small town, but it packs a big punch. The shops are close by, and you can also enjoy the local restaurants.

You may want to check out the Carteret Museum, which is New Jersey’s oldest museum. The exhibits in the museum tell the story of the town’s history. You will enjoy learning about the town’s early days. If you are looking for a great afternoon of shopping, then this is where you would want to go.

Another great attraction is the Fish Camp Park. Here, you will have the opportunity to feed fish. The park has a beach, picnic area, and other things for kids to do. There is a fee, but if you are going to spend a day at the beach, then you can afford it.

If you are planning a family trip to Carteret, then there is a lot to do here. The beach is just a short walk from the park, which means that you can easily spend the day there. The park also has waterfalls, slides, a beach, and other attractions. All of these things make it a great family destination.

The best part about visiting the Carteret New Jersey is the people. They are extremely hospitable and always have time to enjoy the area. The people of Carteret truly understand that we come from different worlds. These differences make it easy for them to make friends from around the world and make new ones.

You can even spend a lovely day by the beach with your children. They will love having free time to play while you relax. The beach is a great place for families to enjoy a picnic. It provides you with the chance to relax without having to run all over the beach. You can simply sit back on the blanket and enjoy the scenery.

Carteret is also a great city to go shopping. There are a number of local shops in the area. Some of the local stores even offer free tours of the island.

Fishing is another favorite pastime for many New Jersey residents. You can enjoy fishing while relaxing in the sand. Carteret has an indoor pier that offers public fishing. This will be a great way to spend a day. You can also visit the adjacent beach to enjoy a day of swimming, surfing, and boating. There are also a number of restaurants to choose from in Carteret.

If you are visiting Carteret, New Jersey, you will have no shortage of things to do. The beach is only a short driving distance away. A little bit of highway driving will get you there in no time.