In this article we will explore the many famous people who called Hillsborough County home including some that are not necessarily “famous” per se. The area is known for its historic character and culture. Many people consider Hillsborough County their backyard, and much of it has been preserved in its natural state. In this article, we will explore some of the “not so famous” people who call Hillsborough County home.

John F. Kennedy lived in Hillsborough from whence he graduated from Trinity College. One can only imagine the political career that he would have had if he had stayed in those homes on those acres of land. Many students home schooled under him at nearby schools such as Widener and Occidental College. Many students recall that he never once raised his voice to them – “You’re not going to get in trouble here,” was his famous quote. We will miss him, though we are forever proud of his accomplishments and many of his political speeches.

George Washington State Hospital was established in 17 Thucydides, when John Adams was President of the United States. It is still operating today. One interesting fact about George Washington – his name was engraved right into the hospital wall. A resident of the hospital before he became President of the United States was his personal physician. And another historical fact is that Thomas Jefferson and a number of other well-known Americans had stone pillars standing in the hospital from the time they were patients.

Jim Hackard is one of the more famous members of Hillsborough County’s rich history. His family owned land there until the 1930’s when he was born. Hackard was a fine carpenter and designer of everything from chairs and dining room tables to a small model aircraft that operated for pilot enthusiasts. He had worked as a carpenter in New Jersey prior to moving to Hillsborough, and he knew of the area. Jim Hackard was an avid birdwatcher and later became a birder when he moved to Florida and began to watch various types of birds such as swallows and doves.

The Hackard family sold the land they had grown in to a local realtor. They planned to build a home there, but then the broker persuaded them to sell it for what they really owed instead of building it themselves. Hackard was upset but not surprised as it was typical of things that happened to him in his business life. He went on to live in nearby Scotch Plains, New Jersey for a few years, working with a real estate company.

When he retired, Hackard bought property on Hillside and lived in it for the next fifteen years before he decided to try his hand at real estate again. In this time he bought and resold many homes on the Hillside, including the one above. He has since made it one of the best selling areas of Jersey City, with many residents making it their permanent home. Many celebrities live in and around Hillside, including actors Tommy Lee Jones and Ben Kingsley.

There are many lovely places to eat and visit in Hillside, and you can’t afford to miss out on one of the great Italian restaurants in town, thezagano’s. The restaurant is owned and operated by Mario Thezagano, a well-known Italian restaurateur who has been in the area almost forty years. He came to Jersey City after studying under some of the best chefs in America and now serves dishes from all over the world. You might be surprised at some of the delicious dishes he serves, and even though you might think they’re just Italian food, the recipes actually reflect flavors from all over the world.

Along with many fine restaurants, the area also offers some of the most beautiful views of the Hudson and Vergen Island beaches. Because of its close proximity to NYC, many people choose to commute to the area every day. If you don’t live in Jersey City, but you’d like to visit, you can take a train from NYC to New York City and ride out to Hillside. The West Hempstead Railway station is one stop that’s quite close to the town.