Carteret NJ 07008 is located in the borough of New Jersey. It is one of the best New Jersey hotels. Carteret is also the largest borough of Monmouth County and is its largest city. The city has a lot of historical sites, museums and monuments and the surrounding natural beauty is simply breathtaking. If you are planning to go for a vacation, then you must definitely stay in one of the hotels here in Carteret.

There are a number of reasons that have made this New Jersey hotel the most sought after by people. The hotel offers wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach. The rooms have a great view of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. There are two restaurants within the hotel premises. These restaurants serve excellent local and international dishes.

The facilities offered by the hotel include a number of recreational activities for the vacationers. There are a number of swimming pools in the vicinity. There are also tennis courts and golf courses in the area. The recreational activities offered in the area are provided by the hotel staff. They organize a number of recreational programs every year.

This New Jersey hotel provides a number of facilities for the outdoor lovers. The hotel offers a number of outdoor activities such as walking, fishing, boating and horseback riding. There is also a championship golf course within the premises. Carteret NJ tourism attractions are numerous and you will find them all fascinating.

The city is famous for its ice cream shops and ice cream parlors. You can buy ice cream and other sweets at these shops. Carteret NJ has a high number of ice cream parlors and you will find a number of them in and around the town. A number of these parlors also sell frozen yogurt. This New Jersey hotel provides a fantastic view of the ice cream parlor.

The rooms in this New Jersey hotel are of various designs and sizes. These rooms offer a number of facilities and these include fitness centers, meeting rooms, car rental services and a business center with conference facilities. You can arrange for room rentals during your stay in Carteret. There is a hotel store located on the corner of the hotel. In addition, you will find the hotel has a restaurant, bar and lounge.

The rooms in the Carteret NJ Hotel are well furnished. There are a few good restaurants located in close proximity to the hotel. In addition, a number of fine dining restaurants and cafes are located in the immediate vicinity. This will provide you with an opportunity to eat out at some of the restaurants located nearby while you stay in the hotel.

You will be delighted staying in Carteret. There are a number of facilities and amenities available at this lovely location. You will have a wonderful holiday experience in Carteret. There is no better way to spend your vacation than in the scenic wilderness of this New Jersey hotel. With so many luxurious features and services to enjoy, you can spend your vacation in Carteret and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

There are many great sites to explore in Carteret. The National Mall is just a short distance away from your Carteret New Jersey Hotel. When you visit the mall you can see the beautiful flower show and the number of large scale clothing retail shops as well.

During your vacation you may want to stay in one of the guestrooms in this charming town. You will be given the chance to interact with other vacationers. There is a good number of excellent guestrooms in Carteret that offer great comfort and luxurious features. These rooms also offer beauty and charm that cannot be found in other New Jersey hotels. A number of them have their own swimming pools or fitness centers.

You can find the perfect location for your vacation home in Carteret, New Jersey. There are numerous properties that you can choose from and each one of them offers something different to their visitors. You can find a luxury suite for a couple of hundred dollars. Or, you may decide to rent an entire vacation home instead.

Carteret New Jersey Hotel and Vacation Rentals offer everything that you need to make your vacation enjoyable. You can save money by looking for room rates online before you arrive in Carteret. If you do not want to use your personal computer to search for vacation rentals then you can go directly to a number of the popular sites that offer great rates for New Jersey vacation homes and lodgings. You can find many great New Jersey vacation spots and even find a room at a discount.