If you’re looking for Carteret NJ attractions, there are a lot of them. Carteret is one of the best towns in the state. When you go there, you have an abundance of things to do. It’s New Jersey’s first beach town.

There are a few beaches in this area. These are Bellemore Beach, Long Branch Beach, and Manhattan Beach. Many of the beaches have restaurants or you can even rent condos or apartments that have water frontage.

Carteret was named such because of its proximity to Carteret Island. Carteret Island is a real island located on the East Coast of New Jersey. This is where the real estate agents own the property. You will also find that there is plenty to do there. This includes sailing, diving, swimming, fishing, and of course, beachcombing.

The most popular activities happen around the Manhattan Beach Pier. This is where the famous Carteret Island Lemonade Festival takes place. This is the only festival that takes place on the island. This festival involves hundreds of local artists performing lemonade throughout the day. Music, dance, and food take center stage during the events.

You may be wondering what the festival is about. It is a protest against a New Jersey shore pollution that’s taking place. Carteret is trying to clean up the beach by getting rid of all the plastic garbage that has been dumped into it over the years. But Carteret is only one out of a very long list of problems. A number of other towns along the coast are trying to clean up their beaches as well.

You will also find that there are lots of other things to do in the town of Carteret. In addition to Carteret Beach you can take a look at the endangered turtle conservation center. You can also go hiking in Bear Mountain State Park. You may even get to take a train ride to New York City. There are also beautiful gardens you can tour in the town.

Of course, you can’t leave New Jersey without going to the Jersey Shore. When you visit Carteret you should definitely head over to Atlantic City. You can go on board a steamship and tour the beaches. You may also enjoy your stay in New York City and check out the Empire State Building.

All these things can easily be found in Carteret, New Jersey. The beach is great and the restaurants are excellent. You will certainly want to spend some time in Carteret. The hotels are top notch and the sight of the ocean makes any vacation worth it. No matter why you choose to go to the town of Carteret, New Jersey, you will definitely enjoy your stay.

If you have never been to Carteret before you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. You should know that Carteret is located on the southern tip of New Jersey. There are several attractions in the area. These include the American Museum of Natural History, Carteret High School, and the Garden State Park.

The Garden State Park is an attraction that no tourist will ever forget. You can spend your entire day at the beach and take in all the sights and sounds. When you do come back from your day at the beach, you will be able to find a nice restaurant in town. This is also an excellent place for families. It offers a playground and swimming pool.

You can also take a tour of the historical town of Carteret. In town you will be able to learn all about the history of the town and the area. Many people visit this part of New Jersey each year.

Besides visiting the beach and the historical town of Carteret, you may also want to make it a weekend trip. There are several things to do in town. You can go shopping or eat at one of the many restaurants in town. You can also take a cruise in a sailboat on the River Gutters.