Carteret NJ is located in Bergen and encompasses a vast area of scenic views and natural beauty. If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, Carteret offers that as well. With its history and charm still intact, this little town offers a lot to its visitors. Take some time out of your schedule to discover the beauty of this charming town. What’s more, you can even get married here and enjoy all of its great benefits.

There are many things to do in Carteret, but what if you are looking for something unique? The answer is Carteret Square. This is located on the sunny shore of Lake George and provides a picturesque venue for weddings and other special occasions. When it comes to an outdoor wedding, this is definitely the place to go.

Carteret Square is also known for it’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival. You’ll find a large number of things to do there from viewing live flowers to just taking in the amazing scene. During the festival, you will also be able to experience Carteret’s largest annual Labor Day concert. When it comes to live things to do, you’ll never lack for options.

If you are looking for things to do at the beach, Carteret has a great deal of hotels, inns, and other lodging options. In fact, the town’s three major hotels boast approximately forty thousand square feet of space to enjoy. With Carteret being New Jersey’s most populous city, it only makes sense that the area has a great selection of accommodations.

You may also want to take a trip out to the Garden State Park. Known for its expansive space, the park features a great deal of activities for the entire family. Carteret has the only public park that features an eighteen hole championship golf course. Another attraction of the park is the Carteret Botanical Gardens. Here you can enjoy walking through a large portion of the gardens that feature a variety of flora and fauna.

For those that prefer a quieter evening, Carteret has plenty of nightlife options as well. The town’s two bars and clubs, featuring locations all throughout town, make it easy to enjoy a few drinks before heading back to your luxurious hotel room. For the ultimate in relaxation, consider staying at a Carteret motel. Many of these Motel Lodges offer amenities like free WiFi, TVs, and private showers.

Of course, one cannot discuss Carteret’s summer events without mentioning the town’s annual Jazz Fest. This event, which takes place during the month of June, is held in honor of the great jazz musicians that have shaped the genre. Many notable performers have been invited to perform at the festival including Jay Z, D’Angelo, and numerous other well-known individuals from the music industry. Those that live in or around Carteret can also enjoy great food festivals, such as the annual Upstate Food & Wine Festival. The local organizers of the festival compile a food tour that includes stops in many of the best restaurants in the region, and visitors are encouraged to sample the wines while they are in New Jersey.

Carteret is a charming town with many things to do and see. Those interested in history, culture, and nightly entertainment should take a trip to the South Shore to enjoy a visit to historic Monticello. Those looking for a relaxing vacation filled with arts and crafts will likely enjoy their stay in Carteret, New Jersey. Those that are looking for great food and shopping opportunities will find them in Carteret.

Carteret is located on the southern shore of Cape May County, which is part of the state of New Jersey. Because it is so close to Manhattan, many who live in Carteret commute to NYC on a daily basis. Those who live on the northern part of the Island can travel to Manhattan on a ferry that operates several times throughout the day. There are also several bus routes that travel between Carteret and Manhattan. The ferry service leaves from the ferry dock at Manhattan’s brownstone village.

Those who are interested in Carteret’s history will not be disappointed. A number of Civil War battles are commemorated in the town. One of the most popular attractions is a reconstruction of a small Southern town that served as a headquarters for the Union troops. Another local group that has a number of memorabilia to display is the Carteret County Visitors Bureau. It consists of a store where one can purchase items that portray the county’s history and its early days.

Those traveling to Carteret will find a number of things to do. Those traveling in groups of family or friends should consider renting a car so that they have easy access to the ferry that runs between Carteret and Manhattan. Those who would like to experience the history of Carteret’s early days can book a guided tour of the town. All in all, Carteret is a great place to visit whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.