Avenel NJ is located in Bergen, New Jersey and is a popular choice among commuters. Avenel offers many different routes that can suit your needs for getting to work in the city. You have the option of going through the tunnel system, going around the island, and even driving to Manhattan. Below you will find information on some things to do in New Jersey if you decide to go there.

First, if you are looking to purchase or rent a home in New Jersey, Avenel is your best option. You have access to one of the most desirable real estate markets in New Jersey. Avenel prides itself on being a top ranked mortgage lender. It is consistently ranked among the best mortgage lenders by J.D. Powers and Associates.

Another reason Avenel is such a great place to purchase or invest is because of the many different employment options it provides. There are many different types of jobs in Avenel. There are medical offices, law firms, call centers, retail stores, and much more. This makes it easy for people to find something that is right for them. They also have a wonderful dining and shopping area. There are many different restaurants in New Jersey as well.

Avenel is located in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey. This part of New Jersey is one of the most popular places for commuters to New York City. The commuter rail system stops at Avenel, which is right on the Atlantic Ocean. You can also find a ferry that goes to Parsippany, New Jersey.

Avenel has a tremendous amount of parking. There are over nine hundred and fifty spaces available to you. Of course, this depends on what day of the week you choose to visit. People love this because it helps relieve the traffic.

You can easily reach Avenel from its location just minutes from Manhattan. From the train station you can take a commuter rail into New York City. When you get to Manhattan, you will not have to transfer at all. You can walk straight into the building and walk out again. This allows you to keep traveling in a very comfortable manner.

There are also many great shopping experiences in Avenel. There are over one hundred and fifty independent shops that you can visit. There are many great new stores that you can find as well. You can find great fashions, electronics, jewelry, gifts, home items, and much more. There are many different stores to choose from and each one of them has something for everyone.

Avenel offers you great food places too. You can find a great Italian restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Indian restaurant, Mexican place, and more. You can find all sorts of great food places to eat. You can find wonderful fresh seafood. It is important to make sure that you take advantage of the great shopping opportunities that Avenel provides. You will be able to find everything that you need in order to have a great vacation with your family or friends.

Avenel is just two blocks from Monmouth county airport and is only three miles from Long Beach. You will be able to get to the airport and to your home in no time at all. You will find that this location is close to so many great things including so much fun. You will have plenty of things to do and see. You will love all of the things that Avenel can provide to you.

Avenel is also close to the beach. You will be able to enjoy yourself and take a walk on the beach. You will also be able to take a ride on the ferry that goes to Manhattan. You will love being able to visit the beach during your visit to Avenel.

The beach is only a short walking distance from Avenel. You can get to the beach fairly easily. You can explore all of the great things that Avenel has to offer. You will love the beach and all of the great places that you can go to. You will feel like you are on vacation every day of the week. You will be able to find a great spot for the day that you want to go to the beach.

There are many great things to do when you are a resident of Avenel. You will find that you are never at a loss for things to do. You will be able to find many things to do when you are a resident of Avenel. You will love living in this part of Jersey. You will love everything that Avenel has to offer.